28 June, 2009

Carnage is an equal opportunity employer.

Oh yes. Queen Kong. This film reverses the gender of the roles of the kong, and the, ummm ... lady in the kong hand, respectively. Apparently some copyright issues with the maker of the other King Kong movie released in 1976 (produced by Dino De Laurentiis) forced the film only to be released in Italy and Germany. Apparently this flick is super cool awesome time in Japan, inspiring a group of super fans to dub a japanese dialog version which came out on DVD in 2001. Delicious.

13 June, 2009

Charisma +5, Light Side Points -4

This CD is composed of two tracks:

1. "Busy"
2. "Very Busy"

The idea is to play this cd in the background when you take business calls (assumption being you are a home office) to increase your perceived legitimacy. You're not running some kinda Mickey Mouse outfit are you? No? Good. This is a sad bit of social engineering, but I applaud the creativity

01 June, 2009


Now, I recall being disappointed with Star Wars Galaxies. Poor graphics, many bugs and 12 years olds talking nerd-trash. But I was excited, nay, hopeful when I saw the pre-launch website, it seemed so neato burrito. But now my expectations have potential to be surpassed, what I experienced whilst watching E3 this afternoon was, quite possibly the Star Wars nerdgasm I had not felt since ... since I first saw The Empire Strikes Back as a little kid. The recent Clone Wars movie and subsequent Catroon Network series is ok, but I don't think it would fall into the category of badassitude, whether one measured it with the Englsih or Metric badass scale. Today's announcement is most certainly badass, I just want to know:
  1. The beta test date
  2. The launch date
  3. Whether I'll have a job so I can afford the new videocard I will most likely require
Im' sure you'll find it elsewhere, but it would be most unblogmotronic if it were not found here, so, here is the first, cinematic trailer for SWTOR: